MoeDees Podcast Interview With Detroit Western Basketball Coach Derrick McDowell

Derrick McDowell is an educator and basketball coach at Western International High School in Detroit, Michigan. After a number of highly successful seasons as a coach of Redford High School in Detroit, including several Public School League (PSL) championships, he became an assistant basketball coach at Eastern Michigan for a number of years, then he ultimately returned to city in 2011 where he belongs at Western International. In 2015 Coach McDowell’s Western team went undefeated (28-0) and won the Class A State Championship, the icing on the cake for a coaching career that has produced several college and professional players from his programs. Get some insight on successful coaching with our interview with Coach Mac on MoeDees Podcast.

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Liner notes by Dion Ingram

MoeDees Podcast Interview With Detroit Western Basketball Coach Derrick McDowell

Hosted By Maurice Taylor 

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 "I try to be even-keeled...very seldom do I show emotion...."    Derrick McDowell

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