MoeDee's Podcast Cheetahs Player of the Week 3/24/2018: Kate Montijo

Each week MoeDee's Podcast will be highlighting a Cheetahs Player of the Week in addition to winning the weekly i9 Sports Sportsmanship Value Medal. I will include picture montage and the postgame "interview". This week's Cheetahs player of the week is Kate Montijo. The Sportsmanship Value Medal was for Listening
I have coached "Supergirl" for 2 and a half years, being that is only 6 years old that is a long time lol. 46 games and God knows how many practices! Kate is very strong, fast and athletic. She also has a serious passion for soccer and enjoys playing! Kate listens to instructions well, is very coachable and has a great attitude! With so much roster turnover this season the coaches have asked her to take a different role on the team.
Previously Kate was a great striker who's focus was to score a lot of goals, and she did. This season we are asking her to be more of a leader, playmaker for her teammates and defensemen. And by the way, still score a lot goals. This seems like a lot on her plate but Kate is that special of a player. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching Kate and getting to know her and her family! Congratulations Kate

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