MoeDee's Podcast Cheetahs Co-Player of the Week 4/7/2018: Brigg Steiner

Each week MoeDee's Podcast will be highlighting a Cheetahs Player of the Week in addition to winning the weekly i9 Sports Sportsmanship Value Medal. I will include picture montage and the postgame "interview". This week's Cheetahs Co-Players of the week are Alexander J. (AJ) Angulo and Brigg Steiner. The Sportsmanship Value Medal was for Positivity
I have coached Brigg for a little more than a year, 3 seasons in NYS. Brigg is currently playing in his first season in i9 Sports. Brigg took a break from soccer and when he came back he was a little rusty and it took time to get his bearings back. The third practice we saw our old Brigg coming back to form.
Then in the 2nd game of the season, an 18(9)-12(8pk) win. Brigg was BACK! Active, engaged, PHYSICAL and just the tasmanian devil on the field! It's great seeing him smiling and having fun again! Brigg has so much enthusiasm for soccer it's so fun watching him having fun! It is great to have Brigg back on the team and I look forward to coaching him for a long time.
Congratulations Brigg

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