MoeDee's Podcast Cheetahs Co-Player of the Week 4/7/2018: Alexander J. (AJ) Angulo

Each week MoeDee's Podcast will be highlighting a Cheetahs Player of the Week in addition to winning the weekly i9 Sports Sportsmanship Value Medal. I will include picture montage and the postgame "interview". This week's Cheetahs Co-Players of the week are Alexander J. (AJ) Angulo and Brigg Steiner. The Sportsmanship Value Medal was for Positivity
I have coached AJ for almost 2 years, being that is only 6 years old that is a long time lol. 32 games and counting and probably 50 practices! AJ has come a long way in his development. Being one of our veterans he has really stepped up his play this Spring season. I asked to be more active and be a leader. He was always very good defensively but now his awareness is better and he is dribbling the ball more and scoring more goals and through 2 games leads the team in assists!. AJ plays very selflessly, he celebrates when his teammates score the same way he does when he scores. And he is always looking for open teammates to pass the ball to. AJ's smile and personality are infectious. He is such a lovable little boy! I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching AJ and getting to know his family!
Congratulations AJ

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